Members of the Family


Drumz - Tin Drumz

The Heartbeat of the Family. He knows the Wisdom of the Road and the secret formula of grandma’s hedgehog stew. Elders says he is related to Paulo Coelho and/or Tupac Shakur somehow.

Andy Hill

Lead Vocal, Gypsy guitar

The Voice, the Intellect and the Never Failing Liver of the Band. As a talented raider of chicken coops he is permanently on parole.



His Royal Majesty is the Grand Wizard of Six Stringed Instruments. The Ultimate Finder & Keeper of various Stratocasters and other valuable assets.


Fenderbass - Shout

The Father of The Band is a true Heartbreaker & Lovemaker. Always lock your daughter and hide the booze if he’s around.


Cheap Pawnshop Stradivari

A Rose with Poisonous Thorns, also the Head of the Family Fitness Division. She is the most educated member, but she always slumbers and ignores all problems.


Clarinet, takarnet

Who always blows away the sadness with his amazing taste of playing. If you need a funny youtube video, he will present you some. Be careful.


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